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Belgenius - The ingenious Belgian Micro Brewery

Micro crafted Belgian beers brewed with ingenuity and artistic inspiration

We believe that there is a need for a new generation of Belgian beers. We love our Belgian tradition but we want to push beyond what exists on the market. We believe in handcrafted and small-batch artistic innovation in both style, taste and design.  Our ultimate reward is seeing people enjoying our beers and artistic expressions.

Meet our beers

Citrus Strong

Golden Ale

Brewed with 3 citrus hops:

- Citra

- Simcoe

- Centennial

Dry and late hopped to extract the citrus and fruity hop aromas.

Refermented in the bottle with a special Belgian yeast


- 7.5% alc/vol

- 29 IBU

Slow Brewed

Golden Ale

All our ingredients are sourced in Belgium. 

- Brewed with 3 Belgian hops

- Special Belgian yeast that provides extra flavor when fermentation continues

- Extra long refermention in the bottle

- Total brewing, resting, fermentation and refermentation: 90 days!

- 8% alc/vol

- 29 IBU

Belgian Haze


The recipe of this hazy India Pale Ale is as playful as the Belgian shepherd dog. We combine late and dry hopping with a unique yeast that complements fruity hoppy flavors. In true Belgian tradition, we do not filter the beer and do a secondary fermentation in the bottle to maximize all the goodness. The combination of these techniques create a natural haze and silky smooth taste.


- 6.5% alc/vol

- 40 IBU

- New England IPA style

Instagram feed: @Belgeniusbeers

Facebook feed: @Belgenius

We love the positive comments on our concept and label art:

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