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Belgenius Citrus Hopped

Golden Ale


Brewed with 3 citrus hops:

- Citra

- Simcoe

- Centennial

Dry and late hopped to extract the citrus and fruity hop aromas.

Refermented in the bottle with a special Belgian yeast


- 7.5% alc/vol

- 29 IBU

Belgenius Citrus Hopped Golden Ale Front

Dare to be tempted

Inspired by the garden of Hesperides. The nymphs of evening and light, protect the golden citrus tree that lies within and its fruit that grant immortality when eaten. Discover the virtue of temptation in our craft beer brewed with 3 perfectly balanced citrus hops (citra, simcoe and centennial).

Label art is inspired by the stained glass art of Belgian abbeys. We put a modern twist on this design with a story around temptation with two nymphs protecting the citrus garden that provides immortality and applied modern and summer colors.

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