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Belgenius slow brewed golden ale packsho

Belgenius Slow Brewed Golden ale


All our ingredients are sourced in Belgium. 

- Brewed with 3 Belgian hops

- Special Belgian yeast that provides extra flavor when fermentation continues

- Extra long refermention in the bottle

- Total brewing, resting, fermentation and refermentation: 90 days!

- 8% alc/vol

- 29 IBU

Taste: soft bitter and slightly sweet, subtle complex

Good things come to those who wait

This beer delivers on the virtue of patience.

We brew in small batches using an authentic flavorful Belgian yeast and three of the finest Belgian hops. We optimized the recipe over several batches and are now very happy with the result.

Our secret to achieving exceptional quality and balance is by allowing the taste to develop and mature for over 90 days until complete perfection.

Label art is inspired by time or clock tattoos

Art and symbolism of time

This label art is focused on symbols of time and patience and each element was hand drawn by a Belgian tattoo artist. We then colored the design while adding a semi-realistic styling.

We combine both very detailed work such as the inner radars of the pocket watch as well as more symbolic elements such as the combined sun (day) / moon (night) design.

The top part of the hourglass represents slow time and the bottom part is a brewing kettle to symbolize the extra time that this beer is matured.

The radars symbolize time that moves forward and that lost time is never found again.

Beer reviews by consumers

Here are some quotes that consumers left on Untappd:

"Best beer so far today by a distance"

"Licht zoet, subtiel van smaak en zacht. Dit geeft net dat!"

"Bought for the art work. Drunk for the flavour"

"bijzonder zacht mooi biertje"

"Zeer aardig, wat wil je ook anders haha #slowbrew"

"Ja, lekker!"

"Nice structured, complexity due to 90 days maturing"

"Super blonde"

"Really bold flavour, somewhat between a Belgian blonde and a hef, but more blonde. Very tasty"

"Goed biertje vol van smaak"

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